Fear of Networking?

“She said that she contacted many people, and nobody helped.”  I have to say I find this statement completely unbelievable, and probably fictional.  Some people love being overly dramatic, and when you call them on it, they usually admit they were exaggerating.  I like being data driven, and as a job seeker, you can’t afford to be driven by inefficient emotions and erroneous beliefs.  Job searching is difficult, often repetitive, work.  If you are acting on the erroneous belief that people mostly are mean and won’t help, you are going to waste a lot of effort and time.

In my experience, which I have recorded and backed up with data, when you contact local people professionally through LinkedIn, about 50% will end up meeting with you face to face over lunch or at a coffee shop.  More than 50% will initially agree to meet with you, but conflicts will arise, and that number will fall to ~50%, according to my personal experience.  If you are not reaching that level of effectiveness, there are probably ways you can hone your approach.  If “nobody” is helping, you are definitely doing something wrong to put people off when you contact them, or you are not actually exercising the courage it takes to contact people.  Misinformation, like the quote above, discourages people from contacting others.  Sure, it’s hard, but it’s not insurmountable, and it is much, much more effective than simply applying to job ads on Indeed.

Reach out professionally.  Be humble, be relevant, be accommodating, and whenever possible get introduced.  There are very rare occasions when an introduction is not obtainable, but usually that’s an indication of poor planning or laziness.  Getting an introduction is not unseemly.  It demonstrates a willingness to work for what you want, an ability to plan effectively, and a genuine commitment to the task at hand.





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