Alcohol in Social Media Pics

I couldn’t disagree more with the suggestion that posting pics of yourself with alcohol on your LinkedIn profile is okay.  Maybe on Facebook, if it is rare, but never, never on LinkedIn. To do so brings into question your judgment, as well as the concern of a hiring manager who doesn’t want to be criticized for hiring someone. Most hiring managers like safe harbors, where they can’t be second-guessed for a hire they have made. If the hired employee wrecks a rental car his first month on the job, and someone sees the beer bottles lined up for a background image on his linkedin profile, that will reflect poorly on the hiring manager. If there is more than one viable candidate (and there always is), then why would any hiring manager take the risk?

Beer Drinking

Posting a Picture of You Drinking a Beer No Longer Hurts Your Career, But This Could

The rest of the article I agree with, and would strongly caution against social media comments or “likes” that you might consider joking or sharing, but still touch on any of these subjects:

  • Anything that could be considered bigoted
  • Anything that could be considered illegal
  • Anything that appears abusive of drugs
  • Anything that appears derogatory of a former employer

Also limit your daytime social media activity.

On the positive side, illustrate your community involvement and volunteering with social media posts.

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