Networking: The Golden Ticket

LinkedIn is a useful tool to assist networking, but it’s just a tool to help you get face to face with people. Face to face is where the real networking happens. You may hear some people say that most jobs aren’t even advertised. That’s not entirely true – most jobs do get advertised, but by the time they get advertised they usually already have a leading candidate, and maybe two. The golden ticket in job searching is to have a relationship with the hiring manager before the job gets advertised. You want to be that leading candidate. Job openings most open to external candidates occur in growing companies, so you will want to try to network into those companies experiencing growth, even if they don’t currently have an opening that fits you.

So look for companies that are in growing industries that are adding people. If your experience is in a declining industry, think about switching industries. It’s hard, but consider what functions you can perform that are transferrable to another industry. You can change industry or you can change function, but you can’t change both in one move. Larger companies tend to destroy the net number of jobs through acquisitions. There are replacement jobs in big publicly traded companies when people leave, but not much actual growth of new jobs. Therefore in these companies internal candidates get a high percentage of open positions,especially if their current roles are destined for elimination. Smaller companies are the real job creators, and fewer candidates look there. Especially in a contracting industry, the growth companies are the smaller ones, but they are harder to find. You really need to network to find them.

Golden Ticket

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