Tough Love: Networking has a Goal

To paraphrase the mantra from Bill Clinton’s successful 1992 presidential campaign, it’s the networking, stupid. There are people who are taking the coaching and doing the hard work of networking. They’ve written down their list of 50 target companies and broken it into bite size groups of 10 or less. They’ve met with people and asked them about each of these companies and about other growth companies that they should consider. They’ve honed that list with the information from those meetings. They’ve asked the people they’ve met for the names of contacts at these companies, and they’ve contacted those people to meet with them, and further hone their list of companies. This is how they networked into growing companies and gotten considered for jobs that hadn’t yet been advertised. How have you been networking? What’s your process? Where is your list of target companies? Just talking over and over to the same handful of friends is not networking. Networking has a goal, and you can measure the progress toward the goal. If you can’t produce your list of target companies, then you don’t have a goal – you are just aimlessly responding to job ads. If you can’t show how that list of target companies has evolved over time, and how you have identified and grown your contacts within that target list over time, then you aren’t making progress.


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