When is it Too Early to Quit?

I read the article When is it Too Early to Quit?  While I get the desire to be persistent, and I know the importance of perseverance, those things need to be balanced against opportunity and new challenges, and life long learning.

Every decision to do something is a decision to quit something else.  If I choose to follow my dream, I need to quit wasting my time.  Some people may look askance and disparage me because I quit my job, but if my job was a waste of time, shouldn’t I have quit?  I think it is never too early to quit – you just need to quit the things you should quit.  That’s a judgment call, and the most important decisions are often the most difficult because it’s hard to tell whether what I am doing now is wasting my time more than another option that presents itself.  If it’s clear which is the bigger waste of time, the decision is easy.  It’s when it’s not clear that people find themselves in a quandary: should I stay or should I go?  The vast majority of people elect to stay with the status quo when facing this ambiguity.  But I say, move out of your comfort zone and try something new: Opt for Change.

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