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Job Search Tactics Prezi Webinar March 30, 2017

In case you missed it, or if you just want to review something, I’ve provided links to the Job Search Tactics Prezi, and the audio recording below.

Click Job Search Tactics Visual Prezi (March 30, 2017) for the visual part of the webinar. You may need to register with Prezi, and you will need to ‘drive’ the Prezi yourself with the forward and backward arrows on the bottom of the screen.

The audio is available here:

I recommend getting the visual up and running and then starting the audio, then matching the audio to what you see on the screen. Pause your audio player when you want to take more time to read what is on the screen.

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Ask Good Questions During the Interview

At some point in the interview, usually near the end, the interviewer will ask if you have any questions.  The best questions are those that trigger an opportunity for you to tell a personal SOAR story.  Some people call these STAR stories.

What is a SOAR Story? Start with the 10 accomplishments in your career of which you are most proud. Those are the Results – the R in STAR or SOAR. Draw five columns on a sheet of paper. In the right-most column labelled R, list your Results. Leave the left-most column blank for now, but in the second from the left labelled S for Situation, briefly describe what the situation was before you began working on it. The next column to the right can be labelled T for Task that you had to complete or O for the Obstacle you had to overcome. The next column is labelled A for the Action you took.

After you’ve filled out that part of the table for 10 results you are most proud of, you want to commit your SOAR or STAR stories to memory. You want to be able to quickly relate any question an interviewer might ask to one of the stories and tell it. Practice with a friend. Once you’ve got your stories down, so you can trigger them from memory easily, you need to work on that left-most column. This column is for questions you will ask the interviewer when they inevitably ask if you have any questions. You want to ask a question that will trigger the interviewer to start talking about the subject matter of one of your SOAR stories. When that happens, listen for a while, until you hear the opening to chime in with something like “we had a situation similar to that when …” and tell your SOAR story.


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